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Wadadli Naturals

Natural Shea Deodorant

Natural Shea Deodorant

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Scented with Jasmine Essential Oil, this 100% natural magnesium deodorant is aluminum and baking soda free! No more irritation, toxins, discoloration, and absolutely no more FUNK! This deodorant has up to 14hr of odor protection!

We believe in the power of sweat, it's our body's way of cooling off and expelling toxins. Antiperspirants use Aluminum to block your pores, causing discoloration and bumps, while also being linked to Alzheimer's and certain Breast Cancers. Our deodorant balances the pH on the skin and kills odor-causing bacteria, providing up to 14 hours of protection. Shea butter helps moisturize and even underarm skin tone. This formula is baking soda free to minimize irritation!


Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Magnesium Oxide, Candelilla Wax, Jasmine Essential Oil

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Customer Reviews

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Deneeka Coleman
Long lasting support!

I love the longevity of how it keeps me fresh. It definitely works a lot longer than most store stand natural deodorants that I’ve tried. Only one recommendation: inventing one that does not leave white streak for when it’s that time to wear a little black dress lol. You guys are great, keep doing your thing and evolving! I know I’m going to see this brand on the shelves in the near future!

I love it

The shipping was so fast. I got the original Jasmine scent and it’s incredible. Most natural deodorants don’t work but this smell is absolutely long-lasting. If you haven’t found a natural product that does work, please try this product. Be careful taking off the protective cap though.


The lemongrass smells amazing. I am generally hesitant of natural deodorants because lets be honest, I have BO that can't be tamed normally. I was pleasantly surprised. It did the trick and made me smell nice and fresh! Thanks for making a great product. More people should try these!!

McCamy Claude

I love the deodorant so much that I have my whole family using it. Mom, dad, sister, girlfriend, EVERYONE. I kinda buy this in bulk

Deidra S.
Highly recommend

Sugar Brown deodorant works great and smells amazing! ...I workout often and it lasts! It doesn't stain my clothes and doesn't cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. It's the only deodorant I will buy now! I highly recommend it!