We've all heard that regular deodorant is bad for you, but honestly, is the risk really worth the reward? It's summertime, so I know most people are reaching for their "good" deodorant. You know what we mean, the one with the extra aluminum that promises 100 hours of odor protection. It might feel worth it at the moment, but here is some information that will help you think twice before reaching for the speedstick.  

Truth about Deodorant

Ever notice gray buildup on your armpit? Have you seen yellow or rust stains on white shirts? You can thank your deodorant for that! That's because deodorants work by using the active ingredient Aluminum to block sweat glands to keep you dry. A literal aluminum plug is created when you rub the deodorant onto your skin, and that plug blocks the pores of your skin.Blocked pores lead to ingrown hairs, painful bumps, and an unnatural sour odor.  The small amount of water from your blocked sweat reacts with the aluminum plug over time to create rust stains that can ruin your light-colored shirts.

Dangers of Aluminum

Beyond the impact to your skin and clothes, Aluminum has been linked to serious diseases. A 2019 study* found higher amounts of Aluminum in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's patients. A 2016 study** found higher amounts of Aluminum in the breast tissue of Breast Cancer patients. Black women under 40 have a higher incidence of Breast Cancer and are more likely to die from the disease than any other race.

How Natural Deodorants work

Armpit bacteria thrive on the slightly acidic skin layer. Natural deodorants use alkaline ingredients to balance the pH of the skin, killing odor-causing bacteria. Over time as the ingredients wear away and the odor-causing bacteria grow back, starting the cycle of funk all over again. Most natural deodorants use baking soda to balance the pH, but too much can cause irritation and too little of it will leave you smelling funky. 

The Wadadli Way

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when will you be getting more deodorant in. I would really like to try this product. I stop wearing store bought deodorant.

Angela Burke

I had no idea thats why my natural deodorant was causing me to have rashes. It definitely has baking soda. Can’t wait to see how yours works on my sensitive armpits.


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